The most fun side job for students!

At Snapio, students can work directly as a location photographer or promoter. A flexible side job that lets you earn good money!

For students, hobby photographers and professionals.

You decide where, when and how long you will work.

Create a great source of income as a photographer!


We are Snapio

Snapio is a global platform with a community of photographers and promoters that can be found at tourist hot spots like big cities, popular attractions, and events.

At Snapio, you work in teams of photographers and promoters. In your role as a photographer, you bring joy and happiness to tourists and visitors by skillfully capturing their special moments through your camera lens. Your photos are then sold easily and quickly through our app. As a promoter, you help our photographers get customers by approaching people and directing them to the right photographer.

We offer you a hourly wage between €15,- and €25,- per hour. In addition, you will receive a bonus based on the number of photos sold. So, the more photos your team sells, the more you earn!

Photographer or Promoter



Do you enjoy taking photographs? Do you have a professional camera and are you available at least 8 hours a week? Then being a Snapio photographer is the perfect side job for you!



Are you socially and commercially minded, do you speak English well and do you enjoy talking to people? Then the role of promoter is for you!

The best side job for students!

Photography has never been this much fun! Are you a student and do you enjoy taking photos? Then Snapio offers you the ideal side job! Great for improving your skills as a photographer! And you will be making customers happy with great memories of their most beautiful moments!

What we expect from you

Working at Snapio is really quite different from your average side job. All we expect from you is this:

  • You are available for at least 8 hours per week

  • As a photographer, you must already own a professional camera.

  • As a photographer, you must already have some experience with taking photos.

  • As a promoter, you must speak good English, be commercially minded and persuasive!

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